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THE HOMING serve up Indie Folk with a European topping on a base of American blues. They play over twenty instruments, with song titles chosen by throwing a dart, blindfold, into a bookcase. Famed for their energetic live shows they have a dedicated following across the UK, New Zealand, Greece and Sweden.

Their new album 'In the Wood', released on the 21st of July, contains the single 'Friendly Fire' which was mixed by the legendary Stuart Epps (Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Elton John)

Its predecessor, 'Valley of Bones' is available on from The Homing Shop, iTunes, Amazon, Google and selected record stores.

They're currently working on material for their (as yet untitled) third album.

Lead singer and amateur boxer Dani Somerside hails from New Zealand. Together with seasoned folkie Jill Cumberbatch (The Kittiwakes) on violin, Bouzouki and Mandolin, they deliver lavish vocal harmonies, reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac and The Mamas and The Papas.

Add in New Jersey electric guitarist Jon Dunn and acoustic player Julie Angelidou from Greece with a UK rhythm section of Abraham Kane (Airbaby) and Rob Navratil (Ozi Ozaa).

It’s a unique sound ranging from acoustic to guitar driven rock and roll.


Dani Somerside - lead vocals
Julie Angelidou - acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocals
Jill Cumberbatch - violin, banjo, bouzouki, guitars, vocals
Jon Dunn - electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
Abraham Kane - bass, bass fiddle, harmonica
Rob Navratil - drums, percussion, vocals

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Innocence - Live from 'Before The Gold Rush' at The Slaughtered Lamb, London Sept 2016

Here's a taster of our forthcoming album

'In The Wood' from some early studio mixes. The album is due out in mid July. 

Friendly Fire

performed live in Brixton Jan 2016

from our new album 'In The Wood' coming soon.. 


Nighthawks - Live from The Half Moon, Putney, Sept 2016

Trail of Broken Hearts

from our debut album 'Valley of Bones'

performed live in Brixton Jan 2016